• Now This Is Mine
  • #nowthisismine

#nowthisismine is an Instagram based project that explores the temporality of ideas and content placed on the Internet, and how easily they can be co-opted.

#nowthisismine is an instagram based project that gathers images through hashtags and reclaims the content from other instagram users to share on a collectively run Instagram profile. Each image that is placed on the profile tags the original user, and contains the original hashtags accompanying the photo. The project posts photos daily that are sourced from random users on instagram until the profile reaches 500 posts. The intention of the piece is to investigate the transient nature of intention when it comes to content, and if repurposing ideas changes the original intent of an image.

The constant re-distribution of popular content on the internet is easily accepted by most as common practice. However, there is still a mind-set of intimacy and privacy when it comes to personal content that is publicly shared online. #nowthisismine is an active discourse about the distribution of private information on a public platform. Conversations happen in real-time with users who have questions about the new context of their content.

Aside from the repurposing of images, and the conflict around the idea of ownership there also is an investigation of what images people share and why? Since the images for #nowthisismine are pulled from non-commercial or non-celebrity accounts the content primarily is intended to be representational of an idea or persona. By removing the images from the original users’ profile the piece becomes a curated platform of misrepresented identities. In isolation from the other photos that would normally accompany the image, does the meaning behind each photo still represent the user? Or does the image now become active misrepresentations of ideas?